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Today in 2015, We generate about 1.45kg of solid waste per person per day. Globally about 1.3 billion tonnes per year of solid waste is generated. This solid waste needs to be recycles and disposed off in scientific manner in environment friendly manner. The quantity of solid waste that we generate globally is expected to double to 2.5billion tonns per year by 2025. Solid waste when not managed properly, causes smell and stink around the landfill site. Everyday millions of people suffer from the terrible smell from these landfill sites. These landfill sites also let out tonns and tonns of methane gas which is a potent green house gas causing about 5% of global warming. Poorly managed waste landfill sites also contaminate the underground water and act as breeding ground for pathogens and mosquito.

Sustainable Waste Management

Today’s solid waste management across the world is in need of sustainable solutions. There is need to create socially appealing, economically viable and environmentally compliant waste management solutions.  Lets work together to create a cleaner and greener earth.

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