People should be trained to recycle plastics: Experts


AURANGABAD: Emerging challenges and threat posed to the environment due to plastic waste pollution, land filling, global warming necessitates effective management of plastic wastes to usable end products, such as disposable and durable items, opined experts at a seminar organised by the Central Institute of Plastics and Engineering (CIPET) in the city on Friday. They also emphasised that industries, consumers and municipal bodies should join hands and work together to address the problems which arise due to indiscriminate littering and absence of proper system for disposal. Read more

Technology to manufacture diesel from waste plastic!

plastic-diesel-comparisionNow we can convert Waste plastic into commercial grade Diesel using Pyrocrat’s invention!

A decade ago it was even difficult to image a technology that can dispose plastic waste by converting it to diesel. Pyrocrat Systems LLP has invented a patent pending and proven continuous pyrolysis technology. This pyrolysis technology converts waste plastic into fuel oil which has met the composition of diesel. Plastic is converted into diesel oil using Pyrocrat’s state of art technology. The time is not far wherein pyrolysis oil will be used instead of diesels which will be a sustainable option to diesel derived from fossil fuels. Here is the detailed study:

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Mr Suhas Dixit (Director, Pyrocrat Systems LLP) Review on “Waste Management & Plastic Pyrolysis”.

The evening of 26th August 2015 Mr. Suhas Dixit, Director of Pyrocrat Systems LLP delivered A Speech on “Sustainable Waste Management”. His review was received positively by the audience including 15 Ambassadors and High Commissions of African Nations. Read more