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Convert Waste Plastic & Tires Into Oil & Energy

Pyrocrat offers the world class Patented Pyrolysis Technology* to establish ‘Waste to Energy’ Plants on Turnkey basis. Our ‘CE Certified’ state-of-the-art & robust pyrolysis units convert any available large quantities of Waste Plastic or Tires into Renewable Energy in form of Pyrolysis Oil or Electricity.  Pyrocrat  specializes in establishing Large Scale Waste Plastic & Tire Pyrolysis Plants. One of the key advantages is […]

Pyrolysis Plant in Spain, Europe

Pyrocrat signed distribution agreement with an organization in Seville, Spain, Europe; for supply of plastic & tire pyrolysis plants to European nations. To know more about our European representatives, please contact us.

Pyrolysis plant in USA

Pyrocrat signed exclusive distribution agreement with Recycled Energy Corpo, CA; for supply of plastic & tire pyrolysis plants in North, South, Central America and Caribbean nations. To know more about our USA representatives, please contact us.