Bengaluru civic body plans to use technology for waste collection and processing

BENGALURU: The city civic body hopes to see a big leap in garbage management as it plans to embrace technology in a significant way.The city, with a population of about 10 million, generates 4,000­plus tonne of waste everyday . “The BBMP will run a data con ­trol room and use technology from estimating garbage generation to planning its disposal through use of GIS for route mapping, GPSenabled vehicles for tracking movements and analysis of waste stream processing to maximise value creation,” said Kalpana Kar, member of the government’s expert committee on solid waste and cofounder of Centre for Public Problem Solving. “The BBMP is planning to invest in a waste control room dedicated to big data mining for analytics in order to plan ahead and do corrective intervention for short­term and long­term results,” she added. The civic body has started a tendering process for a fresh round of garbage contracts. The new system requires contractors to install GPS on trucks so that the BBMP can monitor their movement. The BBMP is also enforcing a biometric attendance system to ensure pourakarmikas attend to their work everyday . A severe shortage of pourakarmikas is also cited as a reason for irregular collection of garbage. “We have invited tenders for 95 wards where new contracts are going to be awarded. The existing 3­year contracts will expire in the coming months and we will have the new system there too,” KC Yatish Kumar, Joint Commissioner in charge of solid waste management in Bengaluru, told ET. After the garbage dumping snowballed into a major crisis, the government has built seven modern waste processing units with a capacity to process 1,800 tonne a day .These centres will process only segregated waste. Private firms have another 2,000 tonne of daily capacity to process mixed waste. According to Kar, people in many wards have realised it is important to segregate waste at source. If citizens segregate waste at source and if the BBMP stays consistent in its management of waste, the city is going to see a big difference by June next year. “We will not become Singapore in one sweep but we can progressively get there with right approach,” she said. BJP MLA Suresh Kumar (Rajajinagar) said a lot of contractors are dumping garbage on roads as they are mixed waste and they don’t 12/18/2015 Bengaluru civic body plans to use technology for waste collection and processing ­ The Economic Times 2/2 want to travel far to dump them at private processing units as they should. “We have to realise the era of mixed waste is over and all households should hand over only the segregated waste,” he said. The new contract system will end the garbage crisis only if the BBMP, through its tenders, break the unholy nexus between its officials and garbage contractors, the lawmaker said. Apex Court Clears Satarem Waste Plant The Supreme Court has given permission for Satarem Enterprises to set up a municipal solid waste management and waste­to­energy plant at Gorur village near Bengaluru. The apex court bench headed by Chief Justice TS Thakur on Tuesday upheld the Karnataka High Court’s order two months ago permitting the plant. Construction of the plant will commence shortly, the company said. The plant will receive 1,000 tonne of waste daily.



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