Cabinet likely to approve policy for producing more compost from municipal garbage

NEW DELHI: In its bid to push production of compost from municipal solid waste, the Cabinet on Wednesday is likely to approve the proposal to provide subsidy to cities that will take up this task vigorously. As per the proposal, the fertilizer ministry will provide Rs 1,500 subsidy to city administration and municipal bodies for selling every tonne of such compost.

The proposal also includes making it mandatory for the urea marketing companies to sell compost from municipal waste. Sources said the norm is likely to mandate selling of 3-4 bags of compost for every 6-7 bags of urea.India produces around 62 million tonnes of urban waste annually, but most of it is not recycled. At present, annually about 1.5 lakh tones of compost from such waste is made while the potential is 50 lakh tonnes, sources said.

“The Cabinet proposal is to push the production. Until we have the supply, how can we expect people to buy them? Already as per the Swacch Bharat Scheme 20% viability gap funding can be provided from the sanitation programme to convert waste into manure. This will help the municipal bodies, which are facing huge shortage of space to dump solid waste,” a government official said.

Way back in 2004, the Supreme Court had directed Centre and state governments to take necessary steps and prepare an action plan for management of municipal solid waste in Metro cities and states capitals.

Source: cms

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