UK Uses 300,000 Tonnes Of Card Packaging At Christmas

The staggering amount, which is enough to cover Big Ben nearly 260,000 times and the Angel of the North two million times, highlights the amount of card packaging that consumers use when it comes to stocking up on food, drink and gift packaging for the festive season.

Furthermore, over 400,000 tonnes of paper and card packaging were not collected for recycling from UK households in 2014. The figures released alongside a series of compelling images of iconic UK landmarks “covered” in cardboard and wrapping paper, seek to raise awareness around the vast amount of card and paper packaging that has the potential to be recycled by householders during the Christmas period. It also launches Recycle Now’s quarterly paper and card recycling campaign –‘Paper and card, too valuable to discard’ – running until the end of February 2016. Read more

Making Climate Change Fashionable – The Garment Industry Takes On Global Warming

As the COP21 climate change talks are underway in Paris this week, it’s nice to see real progress on fronts rarely discussed. Lots of industries other than energy production are important sources of greenhouse gas emissions – agriculture, iron and metal smelting, cement production, waste treatment and…the fashion industry.

The apparel industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions and remains the second largest industrial polluter, second only to oil. Read more

ISWA Blog: Waste Industry Must Counter Anti Environmental Lobbying

When the month of November begins the mind thinks of the countdown to the Christmas holidays in two months time. But before then a really busy period is ahead, as if we are punished for taking time off over the New Year.

When the month of November begins the mind thinks of the countdown to the Christmas holidays in two months time. But before then a really busy period is ahead, as if we are punished for taking time off over the New Year.

The European Group met on November 3rd with the European Commission in Brussels and with the participation of many of the other European associations. This is an important signal.  Why? Because one of the obstacles, in my humble opinion, to our industry obtaining a positive and wished for result on the new Circular Economy package, is our fragmentation into a myriad of associations representing the waste industry in Brussels. Read more

Plastic litter taints the sea surface, even in the Arctic

In a new study, researchers from the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) show for the first time that marine litter can even be found at the sea surface of Arctic waters. Though it remains unclear how the litter made it so far north, it is likely to pose new problems for local marine life, the authors report on the online portal of the scientific journal Polar Biology. Plastic has already been reported from stomachs of resident seabirds and Greenland sharks. Read more

Plastic Waste Powered Airplane to Fly 10,500 Miles from Sydney to London

jeremy-rowsell-wings-of-waste-plastic-plane-2-537x337Australian pilot Jeremy Rowsell is set to break new boundaries for alternative energy by flying from Australia to Britain in an airplane powered entirely by plastic waste. Rowsell’s “Wings of Waste” Cessna plane will fly from Sydney to London via Asia, the Middle East, and Europe using fuel refined from “end-of-life” materials such as plastic bags and other refuse that would otherwise wind up in landfills. Read more

How to select best pyrolysis plant supplier?

Points that will help you to select better pyrolysis plant technology and machinery.

There are number of engineery companies in market offering various types of plastic and tyre pyrolysis solutions. The pyrolysis solution that suites you best depends on factors like: Safety, Efficiency, Manpower, Investment, Environmental concerns, raw material suitability etc. This artical will help you select the right pyrolysis plant supplier.

Resource requirements for Establishing Pyrolysis Plant

What resources are required for establishing pyrolysis plant?

Land? Building?Power? Manpower? Building? Water?Electricity? Raw material? Chemicals? Input-Output? Etc…

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New Pyrolysis Technology Development at Pyrocrat Systems LLP

continuous-feed-plastic-pyrolysis-plant-icon Pyrocrat Systems is dedicated to continual Product Development to make our customers more competitive at manufacturing oil from waste plastic or tire. This article discusses the stages of technology & product development from 1st Generation of Pyrolysis Plant in 2004 to 10th Generation of Pyrolysis Plants in 2014.

Through years of experience and learning we have overcome necessary challenges to delivery higher and higher quality of machinery and technology to ensure more than 85% of>uptime and compliance with Health, Safety & Emission norms prescribed governmental bodies.

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Safety concerns in Batch type Tire Pyrolysis Plants

batch-tyre-pyrolysis-plant-explosionIn last 10 years, batch type tire pyrolysis plants have been installed across the world and are known for the profitability but compromised safety.  Typical batch tire pyrolysis plant has 5MT to 12MT loading capacity of tires. This article is to review the environmental, health & safety concerns regarding batch tire pyrolysis plants. 100s of workers, operators and investors have died in such batch type tire plant due to explosion or accident. Given below is the detailed chart that explains the accident risk involved in batch tire plant.

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