Suhas Dixit’s Review on “Future of Sustainable Waste Management in India”

ngs_5243Honorable director of Pyrocrat Systems LLP, Mr Suhas Dixit  delivered a keynote speech at International plastics exhibition at Bangalore on 27th September 2015. To topic of his speech was “Future of Sustainable Waste Management in India”. The Honourable Mayor of Bangalore, Mr Manjunatha Reddy was the chief guest of the event. The event was also attended by Dy Mayor of BBMP, President of Karnataka Plastics Association – Mr. Vijay Kumar V. Read more

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in India is pleased to inform you about the new update and development in the Plastic pyrolysis industry.Waste plastic pyrolysis has been listed as one of the Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) activities by the government of India.Subsequent to this all the listed companies will be obligated to contribute 2% of their net profit under CSR activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Norm in India

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Norm in India


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Cows: The Second major consumers of plastics after human?

cow-eating-plasticLooking at the recent bans in our country,a ban on cow’s milk may take the nation by storm. This time however who is to be blamed? The Government?The people? or the poor Gaumata for ingesting all the plastic littered around the garbage bins? Today a site of cow herd lingering around garbage bins may not bother us,but a probability of our deified cow giving poisonous milk may scare the living daylights out of us! A lot of research and study has been conducted on how the harmful chemicals leach out of plastics and enter our food,drinks and our environment. Very soon the very milk consumed by people will have toxic chemicals of plastic mixed in it!Due to the amount of plastic consumed by the cows/buffaloes from various dumps!

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Pyrolysis Plant Tender Documents – Floated by EIL

pyrolysis-plantIn support of Plastic to Oil Industry, Engineers India Ltd (EIL) has floated a tender inviting interested parties to establish Pyrolysis Plant in collaboration with EIL. EIL is a public sector company & Government of India Enterprise.

Given below are the Pyrolysis Plant Tender Documents Floated by EIL: Read more

Technology to manufacture diesel from waste plastic!

plastic-diesel-comparisionNow we can convert Waste plastic into commercial grade Diesel using Pyrocrat’s invention!

A decade ago it was even difficult to image a technology that can dispose plastic waste by converting it to diesel. Pyrocrat Systems LLP has invented a patent pending and proven continuous pyrolysis technology. This pyrolysis technology converts waste plastic into fuel oil which has met the composition of diesel. Plastic is converted into diesel oil using Pyrocrat’s state of art technology. The time is not far wherein pyrolysis oil will be used instead of diesels which will be a sustainable option to diesel derived from fossil fuels. Here is the detailed study:

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