Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in India is pleased to inform you about the new update and development in the Plastic pyrolysis industry.Waste plastic pyrolysis has been listed as one of the Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) activities by the government of India.Subsequent to this all the listed companies will be obligated to contribute 2% of their net profit under CSR activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Norm in India

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Norm in India


Taking an active step in this direction the some of the major Maharatna companies have devised to release tenders for setting up pyrolysis plants in India in tie up with the clean India Mission.Wherein these Maharatna companies are encouraging to set up and run pyrolysis plant by investing in land,building and all the expenses to run a plastic pyrolysis facility. Pyrocrat Systems LLP has been a progressive firm since inception implementing the latest technology and innovations in its machineries in project’s benefit.We believe that our success lies in our client’s success and urge you to take an initiative in participating in the bid of tenders that will be released by the maharatna companies.

In order to qualify for the same the following requirements are raised by the government:

  1. Either the bidder for tender should be technology supplier or own a plant with a technology supplier tied up with the bidder.
  2. The pyrolysis plant should be established by someone who has experience in running a plant for more than a year.
  3. Someone who has proof that he is experienced in terms of production data,Bank Turn over,Purchase Orders and Invoices.
  4. The plant should have the best technology invented in India as they have combined it with Make in India Campaign.

By taking part in this initiative the listed companies can benefit by getting a waiver in the income taxes filed.

The Government of India as recognized Municipal Solid Waste Management Projects and Waste Plastic to Oil Projects under CSR activities. Pyrocrat Systems LLP is leaders in solid waste management and plastic to oil technologies in India.

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