Cows: The Second major consumers of plastics after human?

cow-eating-plasticLooking at the recent bans in our country,a ban on cow’s milk may take the nation by storm. This time however who is to be blamed? The Government?The people? or the poor Gaumata for ingesting all the plastic littered around the garbage bins? Today a site of cow herd lingering around garbage bins may not bother us,but a probability of our deified cow giving poisonous milk may scare the living daylights out of us! A lot of research and study has been conducted on how the harmful chemicals leach out of plastics and enter our food,drinks and our environment. Very soon the very milk consumed by people will have toxic chemicals of plastic mixed in it!Due to the amount of plastic consumed by the cows/buffaloes from various dumps!

One may also find a lot of videos on youtube that have gone viral about tons of plastics being removed from stomachs of cows and bulls. These videos are gut wrenching and will leave a heavy impact on our mind for the rest of the day. But how are we contributing to help these animals by just watching the videos??? A week later we are back to our own mundane lives and forget about the incident!
Plastics have ingrained so deeply into human lives that banning it is perhaps the most difficult option!
Our next option is recycling.Though plastic recycling is a wonderful choice,how long do we continue is the question?

There will come a point where the plastic can no longer be reused or recycled. This is also known as end of life plastic and these plastics first find their home in dumping yards and eventually into the digestive systems of the domestic animals. A planned and proper handling of municipal solid waste is the need of hour! Effective waste management of municipal solid waste is one of the biggest concerns in today’s world. With the advancing technology there is an economical and environmentally feasible solution to this issue!
The most innovative way of cleaning these yards is to treat the plastics using sustainable technology in the most eco friendly manner.

Let us urge the Local Municipal bodies to convert the plastics from Municipal Solid Waste to something more useful and less harmful.
Let us not just “like” the videos that go viral but take a lead in solving this problem!Save the animals from becoming a prey to the harmful plastics that remain untreated around our streets!

Pyrocrat Systems LLP is dedicated to generating awareness about need for effective municipal waste management.This technology segregates and converts the plastics to energy.

Given below are the videos on how engineers of Pyrocrat Systems LLP have invented machinery to separate waste plastic from Municipal Solid Waste and Convert this waste Plastic into diesel like fuel.

Waste Plastic & Tire to Oil Pyrolysis Technology Invented by Pyrocrat Systems LLP:

Image source: Animal Aid,You tube and Green

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