Energy Conservation

tap-energy4The world has evolved from the wheel to the world of automation in this 21st century. One can sit back at home and can operate a plant or machinery located at another place. This is the wonderful gift created by human being with the help of industrialisation. Due to industrialisation has increased the use of every kind of fuel and now the time has come that they will be exhausted sooner. A question arises to my mind are we moving ahead or going back?”

The answer is not so evident today but it would after some years, moving ahead but we would be forced to move backward and start using the traditional machines which would consume no fuel but only energy from animals, human beings will be used because there would be no fuel available for usage. We all need to keep this scenario in mind for our further generations to enjoy the same facilities and machines available for us now and start energy conservation.

There are only few who would not know these two words ENERGY CONSUMPTION. But the real fact is we all only know what it is and do want to act in line with it. So, Energy conservation is the reduced energy consumption through using less of an energy. Let assume an example to understand this better. Suppose one uses light in their house for 10 hours a day. Energy consumption will be when one reduces this use to 8 hours or one uses lesser bulbs/lights. If one uses tube/bulbs which consumes less amount of energy for 10 hours would be energy efficiency.

Energy consumption is the most important aspect where we all human beings need to understand and act accordingly to save energy. There are many countries who have livid taxes to motivate reduction of energy usage hence leading to energy conservation. This is high time for we and only we could save our mother earth from global war.

Finally as Benjamin Franklin said,” Words may show a man’s wit, but action his meaning” we all should act for and not only talk about energy conservation.

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