How we create ulcer patches of wastelands on mother earth?


Every day we generate thousands of tons of solid waste. Most of this solid waste is not scientifically disposed or recycled. This has resulted into thousands of square kilometers of wastelands called landfill or dumping yards. These dumping yards are like ulcers on earth causing some serious land pollution. The plastic and tires cause solid pollution for millions of years. Landfill sites also act as breeding grounds for mosquitoes and pathogens. The reason why these dumping yards smell is because it keeps emitting millions of liter of methane gas every day which causes most of the smell. Methane and other potent greenhouse gases generated from dumping yards cause global warming.
picture1These landfill sites act as ulcers on earth by:

  1. Emitting poisons green house gases like methane which cause not only smell and global warning
  2. The plastic in these landfill sites does not  degrade for millions of years
  3. The contaminated water (leachate) from waste contaminates underground water
  4. No life other than pathogens and maria grows on these wastelands
  5. We also every send to dumping yards every year: millions of oil barrel worth energy, millions of tons of recyclable plastics and metal and billions of tons of compost or organic manure

As per World bank data, today we generate about 1.3 billion tonnes per year of solid waste. By 2025 we will start generating about 2.2 billion tonnes per year of solid waste. As per our calculations, if this waste is not recycled, we will convert about 1% of land available on earth every year into dumping yards starting from year 2015.

Let’s take a step towards use of science and technology to make earth greener and cleaner. Let’s play our part to manage waste and make this earth cleaner and greener. In today’s world, sustainable technologies are available for managing Municipal Solid Waste and Waste plastic/tires. Whole of humanity needs to adapt these waste management solutions.


Are we not responsible for keeping our earth clean & green? If we don’t discuss about managing waste, it will not happen. Share this to bring awareness about need for effective waste management.

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