Pay hefty fine for littering trains, railway stations

New Delhi: When in a Railway station, you may have thrown a banana peel or an empty packet of chips on the railway tracks, and got away without anyone needling you. Not any more!

If you are caught littering the train, railway track or railway premises, you may be charged a fine of up to Rs 500 for the casual act.

The Indian Railways has turned stricter in ensuring that the trains and the platforms across the country remain neat and clean. You would also be required to avoid using toilets when the train is on platform. All those in the habit of not flushing the toilet, may also be penalised.

Throwing a bottle, tea cups, clothes, sanitary napkins, polythene bags, gutka pouches, etc in bio-toilets is strictly prohibited, as these will choke the toilets and unsuitable for use.

Indian Railways has incorporated digital technology to keep the trains and toilets cleans. Passengers can type “Clean<10 digit pnr number> and sms it to 58888 and summon the designated cleaning staff to attend to complaints related to cleanliness in coaches, including toilets.


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