Pipes for water project turn waste bin

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: With no effective waste management system still in place — the newly-introduced decentralized system is only partly effective — the city residents are adopting unhealthy practices of waste disposal.

Residents at West Fort area said the big iron water pipes stacked up in the area had turned out to be a dust bin for many. For the past one month, the big pipes lying along the road at J P Nagar and Swathi Nagar areas have been used by people to dump waste at night. Massive dumping of food waste has converted the areas into breeding ground for street dogs and reptiles. 

More than 80 huge iron water pipes are piled up nearby Punnapuram and adjacent to central archives department, regional office at West Fort and Perunthanni stretch.

Plastic wastes, paper, food, meat and other biodegradable and non-biodegradable litter have been dumped inside the pipes. According to the residents of JP Nagar, street dog and snake menace had increased after this.

“The pipes were unloaded here on September 10. Residents here had kept the area clean and tidy and a Nirmal Unit of the city corporation worked here every Saturday by segregating non bio and biodegradable wastes. But now the corporation workers are hesitant clean the stretch because of massive dumping of waste. Working of Nirmal Unit is optional nowadays,” said M Jayaseelan, former joint secretary of JP Residence Association.

“People come in vehicles and throw the garbage bags in to the pipes during nights. We restrict them when we come across such acts. But the stray dogs are becoming a nuisance as they are increasing in number here. Not only dogs, we have also identified the presence of venomous snakes inside our houses,”s said B Sreekala, a housewife.

When contacted, Thomas Isaac, the executive engineer (water works) said that the pipes were meant to be laid along the Kazhakkoottam-Mukkola bypass road as part of Jica project. “We will shift the necessary pipes from the West Fort area to the utility stretch of Bypass road widening project going on at Kazhakkoottam- Mukkola road very soon as pipe laying works are ready to commence,” said Isaac.

Source:  http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/thiruvananthapuram/Pipes-for-water-project-turn-waste-bin/articleshow/49464147.cms

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