Suhas Dixit’s Review on “Future of Sustainable Waste Management in India”

ngs_5243Honorable director of Pyrocrat Systems LLP, Mr Suhas Dixit  delivered a keynote speech at International plastics exhibition at Bangalore on 27th September 2015. To topic of his speech was “Future of Sustainable Waste Management in India”. The Honourable Mayor of Bangalore, Mr Manjunatha Reddy was the chief guest of the event. The event was also attended by Dy Mayor of BBMP, President of Karnataka Plastics Association – Mr. Vijay Kumar V.

During the Presentation Mr Suhas Dixit Said, “Pyrocrat Systems LLP establishes large scale ‘Waste Plastic to Fuel Projects’ and ‘Municipal Solid WasteManagement Projects’. The scientific management of waste reduces the quantity of waste going to landfill sites and also eliminates the foul smell around the landfill sites. The smell from landfill sites is an indication that there is methane generation from landfill sites. Pyrocrat has developed a sustainable technology to eliminate the smell form landfill sites. Our technology and machinery is currently managing 300,000kg of solid waste at Taloja Navi Mumbai & there is no foul odour around the landfill site. We are creating ulcer patches of solid waste on mother earth. When we manage the manage waste in responsible manner, we make this earth green and clean.”

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