UK waste management companies urge minimal Christmas and New Year wrapping paper wastage

The UK waste management companies are calling for minimization of Christmas waste through recycling and re-use methods, after the UK government disclosed alarming figures on Britain’s wrapping paper wastage amounting to 227,000 miles.

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The Christmas waste extends to New Year too which sees over a billion messages through greeting cards, wrappings, boxes, reaching the bin, which finally ends up in landfill.

Business Waste, which is a waste management company in the country, is urging people to scale back on wastes during Christmas period and to minimize waste by recycling and re-using materials during the season.

Business Waste advocates people to be proactive in bringing down the waste figures stated by the government. spokesman Mark Hall said: “Christmas is the time of year when we forget ourselves and let all our bad habits run riot. From over-eating and getting drunk in front of the Queen’s Speech, to wasting food and packaging, we’re all guilty in some way or another.”

The Christmas wrapping paper comes with a major problem of most of being unrecyclable due to the presence of high amounts of plastic, foil and glitter content. Hence, Business Waste advises families to opt for packing which is made of 100% paper, making it easy to recycle.

The company suggests people to consider the use of packaging materials based on three parameters – use of recyclable wrapping paper, use of recycled wrapping paper, and purchase of reusable gift bags and boxes.

The company is also seeking clearer labeling from companies so that consumers know the contents of the wrapping paper they purchase, so that they know whether it is recyclable or not. Business Waste is also calling for manufacturers to reduce the products that are difficult or cannot be recycled and end up in landfill.

Many such products that end up in landfill are considered to be burnt up for energy recovery in the UK. argues that the huge amounts of Christmas waste should not be the priority option to be used for energy production.

Mark Hall said: “Energy recovery is an impressive advance in cutting landfill, but it’s also a dead-end as far as recycling goes. It should only be a last resort for waste, and it’s down to waste producers such as households and companies to make sure they always use recyclable goods as often as possible.” campaigns for stringent rules to discourage littering, wasteful behavior. It works towards achieving greater recycling at a larger scale. Recently, the company called upon England authorities to take a leaf out of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in introducing charges for supermarket carrier bags, in an effort to minimise large scale waste and environmental damage. The campaign is said to be on a victorious track.


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