Waste an Issue Or An Asset.

What do you all thing waste is????? cycle

NO Such thing in nature is said to be waste. The Raw product used by some of the natural processes and organisms is the waste generated by some other natural processes and organism. The production and decomposition are well balanced due to the nutrient cycle that supports cycle of production.

So What Is Waste?????
wastetowasteWaste is a concept which is regarded through human’s there is no ISSUE created by nature it is an ISSUE created by human’s themselves due to the massive consumption of natural resources in an inappropriate ways and return the same to the nature in damage and spoiled manner and further we ask for more resources for your consumption which has a very finite availability. All this factors impact to the reproducing capacity of our Mother Land.

In Today’s ERA we are cutting down the Home of Wild life i.e. is FOREST for our resident due to the increasing population and in turn giving a large amount of area to this problem named as ‘WASTE’ which is created by us.

Dumping the waste from the our waste is the not the solution for this . Due to this unproved management of waste the environmental problem are arising day by day and the financial cost of managing this long term environmental impacts of waste disposal are many times of the finance that we spend on the process of Waste Management .The Wildlife, Habitat and biodiversity are seriously affected due to this which impact our future generation . The Dumping ground are releasing Methane gas which is very harmful and is even dangerous which traps 21 times more heat than carbon dioxide this are the symptoms of accident accordance.


Waste an ISSUE is the One Side of the Coin the Other side is:

We are those creators of nature who had reached through our universe so why can’t we get reed off the Problem which is produce our self. We can definitely solve our mistake . The Waste can be managed effectively and can be converted into Asset.
ratioWaste includes many more things which can generate remuneration to our Mother Land.

  1. The Basic Output From the waste are the Recyclable Material Like Plastic, Fabrication, Metal, Paper, Glass, Rubber, Leather, Textiles.

The Low Density Plastic which was a burden to the earth like Polyethylene Bags are now can be processed into very important resources of OIL through Pyrolysis Technology @pyrocrat .This can contribute a part of fuel consumption which will reduce a certain consumption of Fossil Fuel which is declining day by day. Due to the current consumption level of fossil fuel used by human’s their will a day where we won’t get fossil fuel at all . at that time any energy generation city

Will get a great demand and importance in near  future.

This Pyrolysis Oil can further be used to generate Electricity this is even one type of Renewable Energy which is been declining this process can even contribute some Electrical GRID of the Belonging Country.

  1. The Waste can further be converted in RDF which can be used in Industrial area for Firing and also used in the production of Electricity.
  2. The Organic Waste can be further converted into compost and can be used to make a GREEN Atmosphere and can even be used in Agro- Based Industries. The Bio gas can even be converted into Electricity.
  3. The Left out Inert Material can be dumped to the landfills can be used further for recreational areas like Environment Friendly Areas like Parks and Beautiful gardens.

This Decommissioned and redeveloped landfills areas can still act as active landfills gas collection sites and even provide natural gas revenue to the Country.

We are responsible for keeping our water bodies free from toxicity. Pyrocrat Systems LLP through is dedicated to generating awareness about need for effective waste management. Pyrocrat has invented Plastic-to-Oil Technology that converts waste plastic into usable fuel oil. To know how plant and machinery supplied by Pyrocrat manages 90,000,000 kg of every year, please visit:www.mswplant.com. This technology segregates waste, recycles valuable material & energy for waste.


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